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Residential Air Duct Cleaning
Residential Air Ducts Cleaned

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We are often called in by home owners when there are allergy or dust problems in a home; basically whenever indoor air quality is poor. We make sure your home's vents are cleaned completely and thoroughly, and we never leave a mess.

Our technicians take apart the vents, clean the fans and registers, and everything else that can be accessed. Ducts sometimes make turns that make it very difficult to clean them. We have special tools for accessing the inside of vents that would be inaccessible to other companies. We have a reputation for doing impossible jobs that are too tough for those "other guys" to do.

Inside ductwork, sometimes there is fiberglass insulation. We use a special coating that seals it off and keeps it from blowing out into your home.

How we clean residential ducts:

Normally we hook up a very large vacuum (12 inches in diameter) up to a main duct out, then seal off all vents except one. All the suction goes in through one vent. Then we tape off vents and use a spinning brush on a cable (called a "duct auger") inside the vent to clean it thoroughly. Our truck-mounted vacuum cleaners create tremendous suction. The spinning brush inside the vent cleans off all the dust while the vacuum sucks it out of your home directly into our vacuum.

In other circumstances, ductwork is more complex and other techniques are used. Sometimes hand vacuuming of the ductwork is needed. If necessary, we have special tools driven by a compressor, special air whips to go in the ductwork and knock loose all the dirt. One such tool is a "skipper ball" — a ball on the end of an air hose. The ball has holes in it, and it goes down the duct like a jet, then it is pulled back and all the dirt is blown back to the hi-powered vacuum. Such tools enable us to clean previously inaccessible areas, which may never have been cleaned since your house was built. We are very good at going around corners. Duct augers and skipper balls can be used inside plastic-lined flexible ductwork, and will clean it without damaging it.

Of course we let our customers know any time we find any mold in the ductwork. If there's mold, there's a reason. We let you know and we can handle it for you if found. Just cleaning mold off of the vents does not get rid of it. If there's any evidence of any mold in the plastic or metal ductwork, an EPA registered sanitizer should be applied. (The sanitizer we use is the only one allowed by the EPA for such use.)

We also clean commercial dryer ducts; this requires a special brush that will clean the duct without damaging it. Save energy and money by getting your dryer vents cleaned!

We clean commercial grease exhaust vents so they are spick-and-span.

If a fan needs to be repaired or replaced, we will let you know. We can do the fan repair or replacement work for you, if needed. We work with the contractor in such cases.

Click to see a full list of the services we can provide. We show you the results of our cleaning. We do this with before and after photos of your cleaning job.

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Warning: If someone is "lowballing" you (charging you very little to "clean ducts") then your duct work won't be cleaned right. If someone is only charging $100-$200 to "clean your vents", they usually just come by, put on a show, take your money and leave. It's impossible to thoroughly clean a vent just by putting a vacuum hose to the vent. It takes time and the right equipment to clean vents thoroughly and completely from the inside; in other words to do it right.

ball jet cleaning tool
Cleaning Tool
ball jet cleaning tool
Cleaning Tool
Cleaning brushes
Cleaning Brushes
Cleaning brush
Duct Cleaning Brush
duct cleaning tools
Duct Cleaning Tools

before - unretouched photo
Before Vent Cleaning with
Octopus whip w/negative air pressure

(Actual "Before" Job Photo, not retouched)
after - unretouched photo
After Vent Cleaning with
Octopus whip w/negative air pressure

(Actual "After" Job Photo, not retouched)

before cleaning
Before Cleaning
after cleaning
After Cleaning

before cleaning
Before Cleaning
during cleaning
During Cleaning

blower removed
Interior of heating/air conditioning unit after removal of blower, showing deteriorated fiberglass liner
anti-microbial coating in place
Interior of same heating/air conditioning unit after cleaning and sealing with an anti-microbial coating.

Residential HVAC Cleaning
Motors will be disconnected and removed from direct-drive fans.
A/C Fan
Fans themselves will be taken out and washed with a mild, paint-safe detergent and water, then reinstalled as found.

We meet the training requirements of and are certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). All our technicians have extensive, practical on-the-job training and operate under experienced foremen.

Professional Duct Cleaning Company always does a good job, and we always stand behind our work.

Call us for an exact quote. Of course we are licensed and bonded contractors, California License #984738.