Commercial Dryer Duct Cleaning

commercial dryer duct cleaning before
This commercial dryer duct badly needed cleaning.
Commercial dryer duct after cleaning
Commercial dryer duct after cleaning.

We are commonly called upon to perform cleaning work that cannot be performed by other companies. We have a long history of taking on one-of-a-kind projects, analyzing and then formulating the most workable approach for proper accomplishment of the work, and then carrying the commercial cleaning job out to successful completion.

Professional Duct Cleaning Company always does a good job cleaning out commercial dryer ducting, and we always stand behind our work.

Call to schedule an on-site inspection and estimate for your commercial dryer duct cleaning project. Note that we can often make the on-site inspection the same day you call.

Tel: 323-340-8291

Of course we are licensed and bonded contractors, California License #984738. We carry general liability and workers' compensation insurance.

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